Oil, Meet Water

Today’s daily prompt is Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along? I Think i should think a lot to find a person who are unlike me so i think for a minute and finally i know that The person who are close to me and is unlike me is my brother. My brother is very close to me because he is my family and he always take care of me so usually he stays with me but not now.

So i have two reason why my brother is unlike me. First is that he is not lazy i am always lazy to study or go out and buy things so i usually y don’t study or sometimes and never go out and buy a food. But my brother is different he always study when it comes to a exam week and he always go out and buy foods to eat with the family. And Second reason is he’s personality is very good and active i am usually quite and i can’t talk a lot to the person who are not close to him but my brother can talk to anyone he knows and he is very friendly to everyone.

So i think from this prompt i know more about me and my brother and i also realize that my personality is not that good. I should be like my brother and also don’t be lazy in what i’m doing. So i think today’s daily prompt was quite fun then the past prompt. I want this kind of prompt will remain coming.


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