Ready, Set, Done!

Today’s daily prompt is Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. So i think about what am i thinking right now and what is in my mind. But i can’t think anything so i think the only think that stays in my mind right now is all about the daily prompt i am writing now. I think when i do daily prompt nothing comes into my mind only daily propmt is in my mind.

So i think today daily prompt is look easy but it is a hard prompt i think doing the daily prompt will help us and also make us improve our writing skills and i have one more thing that comes into my mind it is about studying the TOEFL. I need TOEFL score to go to the collage but TOEFL is very hard i should know a lot of vocabulary. And it is very tired to go to the academy and learn TOEFL i want to stop learning TOEFL. So i am trying my best to get a high score in the test and stop learning.

So this is all that comes into my mind now i think today i can’t write that much because the prompt is very hard to me. Their is nothing comes into my mind. I think i can do better with another prompt. So tommorow i will try my best to write more in my prompt.


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